“It is vital to be available for our customers at any time, wherever they may be. A team of 10 employees, including myself, are situated in offices in Norway and Sweden, ready to provide top service whenever required”, says team leader Jan Erik Stallemo.

G Travel’s 24/7 staff is comprised of experienced business and marine/offshore consultants. All speak Norwegian or Swedish, in addition to English.

“We typically serve customers who needs to cancel or re-book flights, or urgently order new flights. We also help book hotels and car rentals. We can do anything, really”, says Stallemo.

24/7 is a professional service that provides safety and security on your journey, and keeps you from worrying about complications. If something unexpected happens, like fog, strikes, natural disasters or technical trouble – G Travel customers are always given top priority to find alternative onward routes.

“If a flight is canceled, there is no need to stand in line to talk to the airline. Just call us, and we will get you quickly and safely to your destination”, says Stallemo.