“Transportation of seamen and rig employees is a demanding process. One constantly has to keep up with a complex regulatory, and ensure proper documentation. As a result, specialist knowledge is necessary to be able to put together valid tickets for marine and offshore travelers. Such tickets are something quite different than a roundtrip ticket from Oslo to Bergen”, says Anders Aursand, Sales and Marketing Manager at G Travel in Trondheim.

He says that the agency has invested heavily in education and training of marine and offshore consultants, just to be able to offer its customers the very best and most effective solutions.

“Our goal is to ensure that people who work in shipping and the oil industry arrive safely at the right place at the right time, in the easiest possible way. Nothing is more expensive for companies than to wait for employees who are delayed”, says Aursand.

G Travels offers seamen and rig or platform employees the opportunity to make use of so-called marine and offshore tickets, which provide high flexibility (change and cancellation), as well as significant savings on airfare and excess baggage.

“G Travel also provides the necessary documentation, that is Letters of Guarantee, which is necessary in order for marine and offshore travelers to purchase these special tickets”, explains Aursand.