Even if aircraft seats are confirmed, for example in connection with a crew change, for G Travel the work is not completed. Our Seat Finder Team continues working with the reservation until the ticketing deadline.

The team is on call around the clock, all year long. When airlines release seats due to cancellations or changes, or tickets are made available at a better price than already booked, the Seat Finder Team secures these tickets for our customers.

Airlines offer different classes and prices in different regions. Therefore, the price may be lower, or availability better, in other regions. The Seat Finder Team continuously monitors the market from different places in the world to find the best deals. Since G Travel has offices in several continents, our Singapore office may be able to find better tickets than those available in Houston - or vice versa.

G Travel Seat Finder Team also helps to confirm seats from waiting lists, and check alternate routes when needed.