“The incident made us very aware of the value of the services of a professional travel agency. Our return travel to Norway could easily have developed into a nightmare. G Travel made sure it didn’t”, says Anders Gaudestad CEO at LOS, one of the largest Norwegian suppliers of electric power.

On the way home to his hometown Kristiansand, Gaudestad and 25 other business executives from Southern Norway came in late to Amsterdam, due to bad weather. Schiphol Airport was covered in fog and everyone worried that the onward travel to Norway could be problematic.

“The first thing we saw at Schiphol was a terminal building filled with a thousand cots”, says Gaudestad.

The message from the airline was simple and clear: “There are no more flight for Kristiansand tonight, and all Amsterdam hotels are full. We can only offer you a cot, a blanket and a bottle of water. Sleep tight!”

“At this point our G Travel manager, who travelled with us, stepped up. A call to G Travel in Norway enabled us to skip the endless lines of people seeking information and alternative travel routes. Within a couple of hours we were already booked on a flight to Oslo, where we stayed at an airport hotel and flew home to Kristiansand the very next morning. Everything was arranged by G Travel, without any extra cost”, says Gaudestad.

The thought of what could have happened without the help from G Travel, makes him shudder.

“Without G Travel we would probably have spend the night in the terminal building and found a place in a long line of people seeking travel assistance the next morning”, says Gaudestad.

Anders Gaudestad, CEO of LOS.

Anders Gaudestad, CEO of LOS.