“For larger groups and events, there is much to be planned, coordinated and kept track of. Qondor is an online all-in-one system that handles such processes from A to Z, that is from the first enquiry till the last invoice is issued and the trip evaluated”, says Gerd Simpson Tenold, team leader at G Travel Group & Meeting.

Qondor holds all project details. From it, the customer receives attractive offers with photos, text and conditions that can be read and replied to online. The customer can also communicate with G Travel’s project manager via the system. This enables faster clarifications, and the event can be ordered in a transparent and efficient manner.

Once the details are in place, an online, mobile-friendly event program is created. For larger events, customized enrollment forms are built, invitations sent and registrations, payments and allotment managed in Qondor.

Dynamic participant lists are made available to the customer and suppliers if necessary.

“Qondor is a flexible, efficient, time-saving and cost-saving all-in-one tool that simplifies communication with our customers and assures the quality of any event”, says Simpson Tenold.