G Travel Reservation System (GTRS) is specially designed to handle crew, crew travel and crew changes.

“It is a tool to help our travel consultants book efficient crew travels. It gives us an overview of all travelers who are related to each crew change. Thus, the system is good to have if something unforeseen should occur; such as a ship that needs to change port of call, a flight that is canceled, or storms and security risks that affect the journey. In addition to GTRS we have employees who are experts at handling crew change”, says Paul Visnes, COO Franchise at G Travel.

G Travel also handles any visas and documentation required for the crew to access the favorable marine tickets from the airlines.

“We have a very close relationship with many of our customers in the offshore and maritime sectors. We know the rotation and we know the crew, and can therefore make long-term plans. Thus, we are able to obtain the best prices on airline tickets. For customers in the spot market, that are generally pressed on time, our experienced travel consultants are always able to get the crew in the air very efficiently”, says Vigsnes.

“G Travel is an active partner that finds solutions to save travel costs. For shipping companies, adjustments in travel policies may result in major positive effects on the bottom line”, says Vigsnes.