“We know which countries demand visas and what you need to do to get one. Visas can be complicated, we make it easy”, says Birgitte Bygnes, senior visa coordinator at G Travel in Avaldsnes.

G Travel has good relations with all embassies and consulates in the Nordic countries. For nations that are not represented in the Nordic region, G Travel establishes contact with an embassy or consulate in a European country.

“We can take care of everything related to visas. We will give advice and often also write a visa application on behalf of our customers. If necessary, we will also deliver a Letter of guarantee (LOG) and a Letter of employment (LOE). Some embassies demand a Letter of invitation (LOI). In those cases, we will establish direct contact with the nation’s agents to apply for this”, says Bygnes.

Some countries have special visa rules; Brazil, for instance, where a growing number Norwegians travel for work. G Travel can also provide a work visa offshore for the US Gulf by gathering all necessary information, issue additional documents, book an interview with the US Embassy and pay the visa fee.

“If we handle all offshore crew changes, we will also be responsible for keeping crew visas up to date. We will make sure to pay the visa fee to the embassy, and in some cases, also write an application for a second passport for frequent travelers who need visas”, says Bygnes.